49 Greenway Primary School, Hull

Greenway Primary School is not only one of the most efficient schools in the country, it is a wonderful place to both learn and teach. The concept is of a tough outer skin with a soft inner 'heart' for outdoor learning, where children can appreciate outdoor story-time or growing their own vegetables.

The school's low-carbon agenda includes: passive solar principles (to maximise the benefits from the sun); high levels of insulation; natural ventilation and thermal mass (for air quality and cooling); rainwater harvesting (for flushing WCs and external taps) ground source heating and two 5 kW wind turbines. The scheme was conceived in 2003, when most people did not consider concepts such as CO² or whole-life-costing. 

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Hull Road, Hessle, Hull, East Yorkshire +
Maltkin Road, Barton-upon-Humber, North Lincolnshire